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Hope is the author of twenty-five historical and contemporary romance novels.

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Operation Cinderella

Magazine editor Macie Graham is out for revenge—to get the dirt on squeaky clean conservative media pundit, Ross Mannon. When Ross puts out the call for a housekeeper to help with his rebellious teenage daughter, Macie seizes the opportunity and launches Operation Cinderella.

Suddenly Cinderella series, Book #1

Optioned by Fox

ISBN: 1622669835

The Cinderella Makeover

In need of a major life “makeover,” fashionista Francesca St. James signs on to be a “fairy godmother” coach on the hot new reality TV show, Project Cinderella. When an old rival challenges her with the impossible: transform Silicon Valley CEO, Greg from geek to chic, in just eight weeks, she soon learns that a lot more than clothes make the man.    

Suddenly Cinderella series, Book #2

ISBN: 1622660706

The Cinderella Seduction

Plus-size personal chef, Stephanie Stefanopoulos isn’t an ugly duckling, but she’s a far cry from her sample size-wearing stepsisters. But when Greek tycoon, Nikolaos Costas shows up on her doorstep demanding repayment from her family’s real estate development firm, Stefanie sets out to cook, charm—and seduce—her way to Nick’s jaded heart.

Suddenly Cinderella series, Book #3

ISBN: 1622663209

A Cinderella Christmas Carol

Magazine managing editor and unapologetic Scrooge, Starr Starling is just as happy to sleep through the holiday. On Christmas Eve Starr is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future—all in the form of Matt Landry, the hot new art director she’s secretly crushing on.

A Suddenly Cinderella series novella

ISBN: 1622668189

Suddenly Cinderella Book Bundle

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Every Breath You Take

Biotech hotshot Alexandra Kendall is in way over her head. It’s bad enough that a business trip to Belize has put her in danger. But now she finds out that the man hired to protect her is none other than former FBI special agent Cole Whittaker—the same man who’d loved her (oh God, how he’d loved her…) and then left her five years ago.

Reappearing in Alex’s life is one of the biggest risks Cole has ever taken. Once his undercover job forced him to abandon her. Now he has the chance to redeem himself—one scorching kiss at a time.

But first he must convince Alex that the safest place for her is in his bed….

ISBN: 9781094400372



Dispatched to ruin the reputation of suffragist leader Caledonia—Callie—Rivers, photographic portraitist Hadrian St. Claire soon discovers he is the one in danger of being vanquished.

Men of Roxbury House Book 1

ISBN: 1932815759


Orphans Daisy Lake and Gavin Carmichael made a childhood pact to stay together only to be parted by Fate and families. A decade later, Gavin walks into an East End music hall where the toplining act is the infamous Nightingale of Montmartre—Daisy.

Men of Roxbury House Book 2

ISBN: 1933836121


When sharp-tongued Lady Katherine Lindsey is blackmailed into wedding rough-and-tumble Scottish railroad magnate, Patrick O’Rourke, their marriage of convenience becomes a battle of wills a la Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.”

Men of Roxbury House Book 3

ISBN: 1933836172

Claimed By The Rogue

After six years at sea, East India Company captain, Robert Bellamy, returns to England to claim his bride. Only Robert was presumed drowned and now the winsome Lady Phoebe is betrothed to another.


Aspiring Member of Parliament, Simon Belleville, is no stranger to squalor. When in heading Her Majesty’s Morality and Vice Commission he comes upon the lovely Christine Tremayne locked away in a brothel, instead of remanding her to Newgate Gaol, he gives in to temptation and brings her home with him…

Nominee, Best Unusual Historical, RT BOOK Reviews

ISBN: 0515133655


The Haunting

Investigating a noise in the attic of her historic home, Dr. Maggie Holliday encounters a handsome man in a Civil War uniform. He calls her “Isabel,” seduces her in ways the shy academic had never dreamed of, then literally vanishes.

Ethan insists Maggie’s the reincarnation of his long-lost love. And after a few incredible nights in his arms, Maggie is inclined to believe him. But does she dare surrender to a passion that transcends time, tragedy, and even death?

Tomorrow’s Destiny

Approaching her thirtieth birthday on Christmas Day, 1890, bookshop proprietress Fiona MacPherson is in danger of becoming a Scrooge on par with Mr. Dickens’ curmudgeon. With her beloved Da dead, she’s set to lose her beloved bookshop to a mysterious antiquities collector. Fortunately for Fiona, her guardian angel-in-training, Fern, is determined to set her stubborn charge’s life, and future, back on track. Masquerading as the Angel of Christmas Future, Fern has until the final stroke of midnight on Christmas to persuade Fiona to embrace her destiny, and her one true love.

Antiquarian Tobias Templeton has been cursed from birth with an unknown form of albinism, a condition that renders him unable to endure sunlight and overly sensitive to touch. For five years he’s been obsessed with an ancient Aristotelian text on alchemy; Tobias is convinced the book holds the key to his cure. Unfortunately, it was snatched away at auction by MacPherson, a Scottish bookseller and rival collector. Five years later, success is in sight! Tobias has the deed to MacPherson & Daughter Booksellers in his pocket.

When Tobias shows up on Fiona’s doorstep on Christmas Eve to claim his property, will her scheme to save her shop, and his certainty that his condition makes him unlovable, keep them apart? Or will they embrace the magic of the holiday season and accept the destiny that eluded them five years ago?

ISBN: 9781094400396

Translations - Spanish


Los Hombres De Roxbury House, #1


Los Hombres De Roxbury House, #2

ISBN: 978-8415854180


Los Hombres De Roxbury House, #3

No Se Puede Vivir Sin Amor (Tempting)

ISBN: 8416550271

Translations - French

Opération Cendrillon

Contes de Filles, Tome 1


Contes de Filles, Tome 2

La Rose De Mayfair


ISBN: 978-2290026915

Esclave De Ses Charmes


ISBN: 978-2290038246

Un Mari Apprivoisé



Scribbling Women & the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

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